Peace of mind? Reliability? Responsiveness? That’s not too much to ask for. Southbridge Access will remove all uncertainty from your program so that you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Experience on the ground

Our regionally-based staff has decades of experience working directly with leading companies, NGOs, government organizations, and universities in addition to local service providers.

Customized itineraries

No two MBA programs are the same — so why should your program settle for an “off-the-shelf” international experience? Southbridge Access fully customizes itineraries for your program, to satisfy your unique requirements and interests.

Corporate speakers

We leverage decades of business experience and networking to make our itineraries eye opening and unforgettable. We’ll coordinate high-level presentations by senior executives in a variety of industries — especially in the sectors your students find most relevant and compelling.

Cultural activities

Success in today’s global market requires a rich appreciation of cultural context. So live a little! Visit a samba school in Brazil, take tango lessons in Argentina, or attend soccer match in Chile. Let’s plan cultural activities to balance your group’s learning experience.

Partnerships with regional universities

Our tours often include cross-cultural learning opportunities in business and academic settings. Our exclusive network of leading regional universities allows us to enrich your program with campus visits, group lectures, and academic seminars.

Site visits to manufacturing plants

Manufacturing is a major driver of economic growth around the world. Southbridge Access will arrange customized group visits to the manufacturing facilities of leading regional and multinational companies.

Philanthropic activities

Southbridge Access believes that responsible businesses — and future business leaders — can actively support the greater good. We partner with leading NGOs and social entrepreneurs to provide in depth, hands-on experiences for socially-conscious programs.

Hotel & ground support

Travel and lodge in style. Contact Southbridge Access to discuss your options for first class accommodations, transportation, and logistics support to any of our international destinations.