While international travel has been put on hold for the time being, the need to provide high impact academic contact for international business students has not. Southbridge Access is here to support you during the ever-changing educational landscape.

Leveraging decades of business experience and networking in Latin America, we are pleased to continue to offer eye-opening and high-impact immersive programs virtually from the comfort and safety of your home or workplace. Our Virtual Suite is available throughout Latin America and offers enriching and customizable remote learning opportunities including:

Virtual corporate presentations

High-level presentations coordinated with senior executives in a variety of industries that are compelling and relevant for your specific academic focus.

Economic & industry overviews

Country-specific or industry-focused overviews led by regional business school professors from top-ranked business schools in Latin America.

Industry or company-specific case studies

Our broad network of companies and partner university faculty are well positioned to offer tried and tested case studies that that will deepen and enrich students’ learning experience.

Consulting projects

Leveraging our extensive contact network, we offer consulting projects of various lengths and formats that complement your curriculum and class schedule.

Philanthropic presentations & involvement

More than ever, our social impact partners need support to continue working with vulnerable communities suffering from the COVID-19 outbreak. We arrange opportunities to get involved directly via consulting projects, fund raising drives or simply facilitating individual donations.

Customized virtual experience

Partner with Southbridge Access to create unique and fully customizable programs that go above and beyond the above options. Let us know your international programming challenges and we will work with you to provide a customized solution.