Interested in hiring interns for your project-based assignments?

Southbridge Access is a leading company with over 15 years of experience supporting global universities coordinate short-term, faculty-led trips with a strong focus on business. Although the global pandemic has shaken up the education abroad industry, and we are all waiting for travel to resume, it has created an opportunity to launch the Southbridge Access International Virtual Internship Program!

The Southbridge Access International Virtual Internship Program enrolls high-quality students at the undergraduate and graduate level from around the globe to complete project-based assignments across Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. During these project-based micro-internships, students will work with hand-selected companies that match their professional and educational goals and aspirations. It is a win-win for both students and companies!

Who We've Worked With

Placement Process

Complete our short form, which will request a few of your details and our program management team will reach out to you to schedule a short-call to better understand your business needs.

An SBA Internship Experience Manager will reach out to you to hold a short 20 to 30-minute call to learn about your company’s project needs and intern expectations.

After our team members have screened possible interns, your designated SBA Internship Experience Manager will send over intern CVs/resumes for you to review. You will choose the applicant(s) that you’re interested in completing your company project(s).

After you have selected the applicant(s), the SBA Internship Experience Manager will schedule a short interview between you and your potential future intern.

You will notify the Internship Experience Manager about your decision within 2 to 3 business days.

After you have selected your intern(s), the Internship Experience Manager will extend the offer to the intern and begin the induction process!

No need to worry. Your designated Internship Experience Manager will be on-hand to offer continuous support throughout the experience!


Micro-internships last from 4 to 8 weeks. Students will work anywhere from 10 hours to 40 hours a week, depending on the student and company's needs.

Students must apply for an international internship through Southbridge Access. The submission process is thoroughly reviewed by Southbridge Access employees in order to deeply understand each student's profile. We match the students based on a ranking of preferences they establish in their application as well as the type of project the company would like the student to accomplish. We take a holistic approach to making sure we are finding the best match for both students and companies.

Southbridge Access with work closely with you and your team to define project(s) that the student interns will work on during their internship. We will make this a seamless process for your company in order that you focus on what matters most. We even have created an internship project template that we can help you complete in order for both your company and the intern to get the most out of the micro-internship experience.

Southbridge Access will support you along every step of the way. We assist with project definition, company-intern matching, occasional check-ins to make sure everything is going well, intern support during their internship, and a post-internship follow up to evaluate your experience.

There are no costs associated with hosting interns. Interns are made aware from the point of application that these are non-paid internships.

After an intern has met all of the requirements to complete the SBA Micro-Internship Program, you can work directly with the intern to either extend their internship duration. Southbridge Access will no longer be involved in the process after the student has completed the SBA International Virtual Internship Program.

If you are interested in hosting a Southbridge Access intern, please complete the following form: