After experiencing explosive growth and recognition building up to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Summer Games, Brazil has fallen back to earth amidst corporate and political scandals.

Program visits to Brazil provide unique opportunities for students to gain an on the ground understanding of the promise and risks involved in doing business in one of the world’s largest developing countries. The stark, up-front contrast between Brazil´s growing wealth and its impoverished class provide a dramatic backdrop to this dynamic business environment.

São Paulo is the economic heart of the country, responsible for more than a third of national GDP and approximately 40% of industrial output. Having historically been characterized by its industrialization, the city is now reinventing itself in the services sector, providing an interesting case study in economic transition. As the largest city in the southern hemisphere and the most important business hub in Latin America the sheer size of this market continues to be a major attraction for multinational companies, resulting in a broad range of opportunities for site visits in a variety of industries.

The jewel of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, is the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere due to its natural beauty, spectacular Carnival parades, and famous beaches. It also boasts two of the world’s largest urban parks, stunning architecture, and one of the world’s largest soccer stadiums. Brazil’s famous geography, world-class tourism infrastructure, and large-scale business operations provide for an unforgettable business program experience.